Corn corn3

Now let me start by saying, don’t go getting your hopes up that I’m about to reveal the biggest mystery of Meredith College. What fun would that be? I mean the inspiration behind the name of my blog – You Just Have to Experience It – comes from the response every Meredith girl will give you when you ask the question “What is Cornhuskin?” It’s like an unspoken oath that every MCG takes -we vow to never give up the secret, no matter who wants to know. And truth be told, there really is no way to explain exactly what Cornhuskin’ is, but what I can do is try to paint a picture of the excitement for you.

You see, corn season starts just weeks after the semester starts. The excitement is buzzing around campus 24/7. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Just imagine your high school’s spirit week, then times that by 20 and you’re pretty close to what Cornhuskin’ feels like. In addition to the crisp fall weather, everywhere you turn, you see signs corn season. Signs with corny phrases, scarecrows, balloons, crazy outfits, camouflage, overalls, you name it, you’ll see it. There’s even a MC t-shirt for every day of the week. If there’s ever a time to sport that ridiculous outfit you’ve been saving, corn week is the time.

This is also the time when sleep deprivation sets in – it’s probably the first time you’ll pull an all-nighter, but don’t worry it won’t be the last. You’ll quickly learn that corn is life, and life is corn. You develop a whole new appreciation for that rolling out of bed five minutes before class thing I mentioned a few posts back. You lose all motivation to make yourself look presentable for class, or for life in general. You embrace the corniness that’s surrounding you and rock those overalls like never before. You’re loud, obnoxious, and more motivated than ever to get through class and homework so you can rush to corn practice. Odds vs. Evens – there’s another blog coming about this – but the rival has just begun. Corn week breaks out a whole new competitive side of you. You find yourself practicing your dance moves in your sleep – what little sleep you get. You’re sitting in class, humming along to the songs you heard on repeat all night at practice. There’s zero focus whatsoever in the classroom. Corn has officially taken over.

After weeks and weeks of practicing, nights spent planning for the biggest day of the year, hours and hours of brainstorming costumes, clever posters, and corny props, it’s time to kick off the best day of the year. You’re all lined up with your class, pumping each other up, taking tons of pictures, getting rowdy and ready. There are tractors, fire trucks, convertibles and sometimes even the Lilly Pullitzer Jeep. Dr. Allen has already made her way around to visit with each class and is now sitting on the back of a convertible, ready to throw candy and get the party started. Balloon arches wave over way and every color of the rainbow is somewhere to be seen. My personal favorite part was a tradition I shared with my favorite corn-loving friend Liz! Each year we made a ridiculous hat to sport during the big parade. We went out of our way to stand out with our crazy hats, drawing the attention from everyone in the crowd. But like I said, if there’s ever a time to step out and be bold, embrace your corniness, this is it. Get obnoxious. Go crazy. It’s more fun that way! Even the parents proudly sport the Cornhuskin’ gear. You’ll never see more “Meredith College Dad”, “Meredith College Mom”, “Even Mom”, “Odd Dad”, t-shirts in one place at one time. Basically, Corn is contagious. It’s everywhere.

As silly as it sounds, and believe me when I first experienced it I thought I had lost my mind, but Cornhuskin’ is when you find your place in your class, where you make the friends that will forever understand and embrace your corniness, where you lose all shame and become an that outgoing oddball. Cornhuskin’ is where you really fall in love with Meredith. There’s something about this crazy, unexplainable time of year that makes the Meredith experience unlike any other. Something about the roar of the crowds of parents as you parade by, the excitement of your friends as you dance the night away together, the unity that comes from spending night after endless night with the best of friends, that makes Cornhuskin’ the most exciting, most talked about yet most mysterious tradition at Meredith College. You see, we may not have boys, we may not have football, we may not have homecoming, but we have something else that no other college can claim. We have something you just have to experience!


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